Membership Subscriptions and Fees for 2016

Entrance Fee

Single Membership£87.00
Family Membership£95.00
Junior Membership£10.00

Annual Subscription (Cheques Made Payable to Roa Island Boating Club)

Single Membership£58.00
Family Membership£63.00
Junior Membership£7.00

Download the 2016 Membership Form Here

Roa Island Boating Club Articles of Association

Roa Island Boating Club Rules & Bylaws (January 2017)

Disciplinary Procedures (April 2016)

Contact our Membership Officer

Berthing fee is based on the area used by your craft and trailer. This is currently 37p / sq.ft.

Contact our Berthing Master Andre 0772 267 7799

Dinghy Rack£11.00
Quad Key£15.00