Notice Board

If you have not received your entry key fob please collect it from behind the bar!

To enter the club place your key fob against the reciever on the post and wait for the gate to open. If the yellow light is flashing please wait for the gate to either open or close before you proceed.

To leave the club wait at the stop line on the road and wait for the gate to open, again please dont proceed until the yellow light has stopped flashing.

You also need your key fob to gain entry to the Spar Shed, just place your fob against the reader and open the door.

Roa Island Boating Club Articles of Association

Roa Island Boating Club Rules & Bylaws (Updated September 2021)

Disciplinary Procedures (April 2016)

Number for Jubilee Bridge opening: 01229 820160, 07768 142079.

Will members please note that Quad keys can now be obtained from the Berthing Master.
The cost of hiring a key is £15.00 which covers the use of the quad for the year January to December. The key remains the property of RIBC.

The quad MUST be washed down to remove sand and salt water after every use on the slipway.

Please note that all subscriptions, berth fees, locker and dinghy rack fees are due in January.
Any fees unpaid at 1st February will be subject to a 10% increase.

Will members please note that when buying or selling a boat on the club that the berth does not transfer with the sale. Please inform the Berthing Master if you sell your boat or remove it from the club.

Members must be aware that all boats have to be insured whenever they are on club premises.

Health and Safety

Members are reminded that the Health and Safety at Work Act applies to all activities carried out when using any of the equipment owned or supplied by the Roa Island Boating Club Limited.

Roa Island Boating Club Limited insists that all persons who intend to use any of the clubs equipment must be competent in its use. If you do not know how to use it correctly and safely Do Not Use It.

In addition all members need to be aware that they have a duty of care to others. Please act safely and responsibly when carrying out any work or activities that may affect other members.

If you have any concerns regarding Health and Safety issues at the RIBC please make them known to the Committee.